Iain Dean

Born 1985, Australia

Lives Perth, WA



2012-2015 Curtin University, Bachelor of Fine Art, WA.

2007 Adelaide Central Arts, Certificate IV fine Arts, SA.


Solo Exhibitions

2017 1000 Heartfelt Failures, Nicholas Thompson gallery, Melbourne, VIC.

2016 What is Error?, Wellington St Projects, Sydney, NSW.

2015 Skimming Stones, Rubicon ARI, Melbourne, VIC.

2015 Dream baby Dream, Free Range gallery, Perth, WA.

2015 The End of Legacy, Fort Delta, Melbourne, VIC.

2014 Post Everything, Elements Gallery, Perth, WA.


Group Exhibitions

2017 Vacation (with Justin Hinder), The Honeymoon Suite, Melbourne, VIC.

2016 I think I’m a Genius, Beyond Art Gallery, Perth, WA.

2016 Got it for Cheap, Curated by Charlie Roberts, David Risley Gallery - Copenhagen, Steinsland Berliner Gallery – Stockholm, Agnes B's Gallerie du Jour – Paris and Black Bear BK- New York.

2016 Post-Post-Post Irony, With James Cooper, Daphne, Perth, WA

2015-16 Summer Show, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, VIC.

2015 Heathcote select, Heathcote Museum, Perth, WA.

2015 Decisions, Curating Contemporary, New York (Online).

2015 Smell of an Oily rag, Fort Delta, Melbourne, VIC.

2015 Take Turns, Take Turns Project, Online.

2015 New works, Margaret River Galleries, Margaret River, WA.

2014 Young Ones, Sir Charles Gardner Hospital, Perth, WA.


Awards and Prizes

2016 Finalist, Manpac art Awards, Perth, WA.

2015 Finalist, Adult comedy action drama, Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, Sydney, NSW. 

2015 Finalist, Manpac art Awards, Perth, WA.

2014 Winner, Pilar Mata Dupont, Black Swan National Portrait Prize, Perth, WA.

2014 Finalist, Manpac art Awards, Perth, WA.

2014 Highly commended, City of South Perth Emerging Artists, Perth, WA.

2013 Finalist, Tell me lies and lullabies, but don’t tell me to change, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, Sydney, NSW.

2013 Finalist, Manpac art Awards, Perth, WA.

2013 Finalist, City of South Perth Emerging Artists, Perth, WA.




Private Australian and international



2016 Fremantle Arts Centre, Ceramics department, Fremantle, WA.



2016 Creative development grant, Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA), WA



2017 Art Collector, May 2017

2016 The Mankind Diary, Issue 01.

2015 Dream Baby Dream, Cactus Journal, Francis Russell.